Episode 54- The Non Episode Episode


This Week on Pause Your Game- We got nothing, we normally have some news to talk about or a trend currently going on in gaming but this week we have nothing. Unlike what movies would have you believe when in the final moments you come up with a brillient idea, we took the real life path and came up with nothing. So this episode we just talk about games in general, what we have been playing, and how we feel towards other games…..oh and Beth’s loot cave. Continue reading

Just the 90’s – A New Temporary Series to Comment on ever Growing Review Scores


If you listened to our latest episode (Found Here) we talked about the ever growing problem with review scores in the gaming industry. Things such as: Metacritic being overly important, review scores skewing to higher and higher numbers, and the lack of standards when it comes to reviewing games of certain genres. On the episode we came up with an idea that will serve as social commentary on the issue to bring to light the many problems that are presented in the game reviewing process in one nice little bow called… Continue reading

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