Exclusive means Exclusive


I (as you might imagine) like to peruse around the great wide interweb. Some of that time (as you also might imagine) is spent reading and discussing games (I know, what a surprise). Over the course of the last few years I have observed a troubling trend growing over the term “exclusive” and how it is used. It has become warped into a new marketing term rather than a word out of Websters, and while I do enjoy a good marketing tactic, this one is proving poisonous the longer it persists. Continue reading

Episode 86- Honeypot


It’s been a slow news week with E3 around the corner but we still managed to pull together some interesting topics together. Sony manages to create some of the best pre-order incentives we have perhaps ever seen as well as a unique viewing E3 strategy. We also touch on the recent suings with Rockstar and the BBC as well as Oculus and some Hawaiian company.
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A Resurgence in Effort

Hey everyone, just giving a little update on whats going on at Pause Your Game.

Over the past few weeks we have been unable to produce any articles due to personal reasons for more then just one of us. Starting next week, that will come to an end and articles will be back on schedule releasing every Wednesday. In addition to our Wednesday articles making a return, we will now be having an additional mini episode released every Friday called “Extra Bits” Continue reading

Sunday Stream – Beth Can’t Even Play: Outlast 5/17/15 7 PM EST


Got my post up a whole week early.
Time to get my scream on with this Sunday’s game: Outlast.
Ive seen a little bit of my roommate playing it, and let me tell you my anxiety level goes through the roof.
The plot is simple-ish. You’re a reporter sent to this institution because someone emailed you about spooky shenanigans taking place there. And it just gets worse as soon as you arrive. Continue reading

Sunday Stream – Beth Can’t Even Play Uncanny Valley 5/10/15 7 PM EST

corp uncanny

Thanks to Mitch for gifting this to me on steam.
It looks to be a spooky little side scroll pixel game.
Mitch assures me it’s scary.
I haven’t taken a good look at it yet, so please be assured this will be a blind LP. All I know is…well… I don’t know anything. But it should present to me a variety of scares and I will be delighted to provide you, the listener, the chance to break headsets with my screams. :) Continue reading

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