Our New aStore!


We would like to announce that we have created an Amazon aStore which can be easily found on the navigation bar labeled “Shop”. In our aStore you will find some of our personal favorite games on each platform listed, of which you can purchase directly off of our site through Amazon. Why would you want a buy a game through our store instead of directly off of amazon? Well, any and all products sold through our store or our affiliate link help fund the show… Continue reading

A Difference Worth Knowing: HD vs Remake vs Remaster vs Definitive


I thought it would be worth it to extrapolate on what the difference is between HD, Remasters, Remakes, and now, Definitives, and why you should be aware of that difference (mainly to keep expectations in check). Technically speaking, all are remakes; however, the difference is the level to which they are remade, which is vastly different and has different ramifications depending on which operation is being performed. Continue reading

Beth Can’t Even Play – Murdered: Soul Suspect ~Today!~ 7 PM EST


Well here I am, sitting with this huge rock of an Xbox One, and thought to myself “Why the hell haven’t I streamed anything with it yet?”

And then, of course, I thought, “Oh yeah I could just do it on Sunday for our lovely audience!”

Well, kinda. I got Murdered: Soul Suspect from Gamefly And I haven’t touched it yet, so I mean today was a better day than any to do it. Got the PYG twitch set up on there and I’m ready to lock and load and find out who the flying fuck murdered me.
So please, come by and watch me possess perps and shit. 7 PM tonight! Be there or be… uh… some lowly little poltergeist or something. Continue reading

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