Episode 117- That’s How You Get Ants


Our predictions have come true and now, we have ants…simulated ones that is. We discuss the Ant Simulator saga regarding how it fell apart, Ubisoft and EA caught in each others crosshairs due to copyright laws, no one but Mitch being excited for My Nintendo, and talk on Square Enix seeing the console market as more difficult then before. (click read more for NSFW topic)

Episode 116- Up and Down


We got a whole slew of great topics this week to discuss and debate: EA sets up its own event to skip out on E3, EA Play, which could be a bad sign for E3. EVO expands to a larger venue to host its finals, hopefully the next step for the competition is building state and local leagues. PC is still pulling in the dollars over mobile, but it has nothing to do with sales, but rather F2P games and MMOs making most of the profits.

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