About The Show

Pause Your Game is a gaming podcast focused on debating and discussing recent trends and news in the gaming industry; free banter DLC included with each episode! Join Beth, Brad, Fallon, and Mitch each Monday for a brand new episode discussing the week’s game industry news.

Types of Content

Main Episodes

Where all discussion and debate happens! We curate the top game industry news each week, discussing our thoughts and feelings on how each news piece affects the industry as a whole—while obviously having a laugh in the process.


Extra Bits

Not all news or topics are worthy enough for our main episodes, this is where Extra Bits come into play! Extra Bits give us—the casters—a chance to talk about a topic or piece of news that we personally are interested or invested in, but not the group as a whole.


First Impressions

Pause Your Game  doesn’t do reviews, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions on the latest titles! With our First Impressions being exactly that, a chance to share our initial feelings on recent titles we have played.


Support The Show

While Pause Your Game Podcast is entirely self-funded currently, we need your help and support from our loyal listeners and fans to continue to grow, to not only make more content, but higher quality content as well.

Shop or Sign Up through any of our affiliate links below and a portion of each sale or signup will help support Pause Your Game Podcast.

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