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We are all back to discuss all the news of PAX East: Teaching aliens to fuck in Civilization:Beyond Earth, Trying to get Mitch's hardcore Diablo 3 Character killed, Our collectively bad art skills, 40 mans sucking, Blizzard never doing a new IP,The difference between HD/Remasterd/and Remakes, and we talk worst companies of 2014. Continue reading

Just a quick update to our listeners is that we are switching over to Libsyn to host the actual podcast episodes themselves. It will take the next few days to make sure everything is properly redirected to the new URL, in the mean time if you have any issues please let us know, worst cast scenario you will have to resubscribe to us with whatever product you are using to listen. Continue reading

Mitch was not here so that means it's time to bash certain games he's unconditionally in love with. There's also discussion about the upcoming expansion for Diablo 3 ROS, sandboxes, games being Wow-like, pre-order bonuses, cars requiring space titanium, cities being destroyed under the iron boot of players playing as mechs and monsters in virtual reality, and our new pseudo segment "Trait of the Week." Continue reading