Episode 129 – eSports, Now with Vices


Its eSports, eSports, and more eSports on this latest episode that has been described as an episode that talks about eSports! We talk not only on Team YP being banned from playing in ESL, but also on ESL launching the first 24 hr eSports TV channel. Our eSports discussion doesn’t end there, we also debate the values of bringing eSports to Las Vegas casinos and if it will even be worth it.

Extra Bit – The Road to NX


Does Nintendo have the Triforce of Wisdom or Courage?

Mitch discusses the potential benefits and draw backs in regards to the NX launching in March 2017, as well as Nintendo’s decision to make the next Zelda title the only playable Nintendo game at E3 2016. Some interesting choices that definitely have some merit, but how will it play out?

Episode 128 – Impending Future Consoles


Another week and another episode, however, this week’s episode to a slightly different tune then usual, we get consumed on our second topic. First we talk about Gamestop forming a publishing program with AA studios and what the future may be for the company as they become less and less relevant. Second, and most of the focus of this episode, we discuss where exactly the console market is headed in regards to the distant future, and the more immediate Playstation 4 Neo, Xbox Two, and NX future.

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