Bad Game Design: Your Quests are Bad and You Should Feel Bad (Hearthstone)


The “Grand Tournament” is now upon us which means its time to dust off those decks and delve once more into Blizzard’s addictive little card game. From the start of this game (beta), quests have always been something I have taken issue with and with this new expansion now live it has become even more apparent how lacking the quest system is. The quest system is the bread and butter of Hearthstone, it’s what keeps free players playing, paying players paying, and all the in between. But, it’s a deeply flawed system, one which will require changes sooner rather then later or Hearthstone will be facing some major issues.

Episode 98- Dredging


It was a slow news week to say the least, but we managed to dredge up a few good topics to discuss! We chat about Fig being new equity based crowd sourcing platform, mobile player spending habits, as well as multiple smaller bits ranging from Twitch Plays to that damn Game Awards Show coming back…


… And a Dog.


There are days when I feel like Mr. Fennyman from Shakespeare in Love when I see a very common, nay, some might go as far as to say universal trope in video games, books, film, and all other forms of entertainment, and I mutter to myself, “…and a dog.”

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