Sunday Stream – Beth Can’t Even Play: Grand Theft Auto 5 4/19/15 7 PM EST


I did it. I broke down and bought GTA 5 for the PC.
Let’s go shoot people, steal cars, and beat up hookers. :3 And as Franklin, rampant abuse of the n-word.
I mean, I hope we can. The goddamn download is 60 GB. And we all know how my internet is.
I’ll be going through story mode and maybe a bit of dicking around online (i.e. making my online character).
Backseat gamers always welcome to tell me how awful I’m doing, of course! Continue reading

Sunday Stream – Beth Can’t Even Play : Domestic Dog Simulator The Swapper 4/12/15 7 PM EST


Thanks to Fallon for kind of bringing up an awful meme (“DogEX”), I PRESENT TO YOU: DOMESTIC DOG SIMULATOR.
LET US ALL PRETEND WE ARE DOGS! We shall pee and poop and chew shoes for however long it takes! I don’t know a lot about this game but its about dogs and it was 2 dollars on Steam. *shrug* I think I could get into the doge lifestyle. Continue reading

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