Dragon Age Inquisition: All this and a Bog Unicorn (Review)


Let me tell you a story. This story is about a game that I have not finished, but in which I have logged over 200 hours playing (according to Origin). Mind you, this is coming from someone who considers 500 hours playing any game to be an accomplishment. In fact, the most hours I have logged on a single game (according to Steam) is 397 hours on Civilization 5. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim follows this with 357 hours total. The next game after these two doesn’t even break sixty. Continue reading

Why I Consider Resident Evil One of the Best Horror Games Ever

Residnet Evil Remake Title Screen

On a previous episode I talked about how The Evil Within truly failed in creating a horrifying experience. At no point did I feel scared or uneasy and it generally did not deliver when it came to creating a horrifying environment. I have forever held a candle when it comes to Resident Evil as my all-time favorite horror game as its one of the few games that has ever actually scared me and kept me uneasy to this day, so I felt it would be appropriate to explain why this is the case by going over the many elements present in Resident Evil to scare the player. Continue reading

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