Weekly Screenshots 2/27 (better name coming next week)

Why is it so angry!

We are going to be starting a weekly screenshot post that will be every Friday. Screenshots will initially be just us posting good moments of the games we have played each week with a (hopefully) funny caption attached to it. Once we get into a rhythm we will be accepting listener’s screenshots and will be posting the best of the bunch on these weekly posts as well.

So this first week is the trial week of this new weekly article, it also gives us a chance to come up with a better name for the article and play with formatting! Continue reading

Transformation From Within

Binary code

A little while ago, we did an episode touching upon a topic I felt was rather interesting for reasons that slightly differ from what the gaming press focused on: Transformation from within a game. By this, I mean the capability to rewrite the code of the game by utilizing only the game’s interface (controller) and valid, pre-coded actions available to the player by the developers (represented in this case by such actions as Mario running and jumping in Super Mario World, for example). This isn’t a matter of hacking into the back-end of the game, pulling up the hood and looking at the code that makes the game work; this is more like rewiring your car’s engine by driving in circles. Continue reading

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